Green Babies est. 1994

THE GREEN DREAM in the beginning

layla in the "fruit suit"Children bring all kinds of wonderful gifts with them when they enter the world. When our first child, Layla, was born, she brought us a whole new perspective on everything; from our lack of foresight as to how many diapers we'd need to pack for an afternoon on the town, (at least eight), to the true nature of reality and our place in it, (haven't figured that one out yet!).

As part of finding my way with her, I left a career in the fashion industry where I was promoting products and ideas for women, and men, that I didn't want for my own daughter.

I started Green Babies with a simple idea:

That every baby is wonderful and deserves the best, most comfortable, cutest, most well constructed, softest, irritant-free clothes. (Without breaking Mom and Dad's budget!)

I began by sewing and screen-printing the first Green Babies during my baby's nap time. I sold quite a few 'basics' to friends. As we got more stylin', I strapped Layla into her sling and we took samples around to stores and started taking orders! It was exhilarating! Soon we had more orders than my old Singer could keep up with and after looking long and hard, we found a bright, airy, family owned and operated factory to sew for us.

We learned a lot during this time! We owe so much to the Moms and caregivers who tried and tested our samples and fabrics those first seasons. Their knowledge and insight was so valuable to our success. Mom's do know best, (and Dads, too!); our good garments got better and better: Thanks!

Movin' On Up

mina in a "beary organic" baby's best dressGreen Babies packing and shipping department (that is, my friends and I at the kitchen table) was really squeezing us out of our city loft. At the same time, we were expanding our family, with the birth of our second daughter, Mina. Fortunately, my wonderful and smart husband stepped in and took over the job of COO (Chief Organic Officer) and we found a beautiful turn-of-the century house, big enough for us and Green Babies (we thought!), in the rustic Hudson River Valley, just north of New York City. (Rip Van Winkle and Ichabod Crane territory.)

Nature spoke to us from the geese overhead and the woods up the street, and we felt the clothes were richer for it. We were shipping our clothes to stores all over the US and even the world! I'd run along up the street and wait for UPS with a kid on my hip and one doing homework on the warehouse floor. Oh yeah, and one in the oven, too.

We're Organically Growing

nadia in an organic cotton "top tomato" outfitOur third beautiful baby, Nadia, was born. Finally our family was complete.

Although looking back it might sound like a blur of new babies and business, somehow we were able to stay grounded and keep it going. We always came back to our mission of providing the safest options for the most important people in the world--babies!

The digital revolution and my brilliant husband made life easier for us. We had one of the first retail 'green' sites online and were immediately lauded as "One of the Top Ten Mom and Pops on the Web" by MSNBC. InStyle Magazine recognized us as one of the top 100 gift sites on the web.

We kept innovating our clothes and began to offer wooden toys and rattles. It's all part of our focus on the next generation and our hopes that their world would be harmonious and beautiful and green.

Green Babies, Sage Moms

Because our vision includes education and interaction with parents everywhere, I decide to write a book to help new and expectant mothers (and dads) avoid potential toxins and embrace the positive differences real green choices can make to all our kids health and safety. My first book, Green Babies Sage Moms hit the stores Jan 3rd 2008. We had tremendous help from scientists, pediatritians and natural product experts for content in this groundbreaking book. This was the fist consumer book to talk about questionable safety in cosmetics, BPA, phthalates and triclosan. The universe was ready for the message that natural is better. I appeared in People Magazine, the TODAY Show, New York Daily News, Fox News, Access Hollywood and more.

2009 saw the release of the second in my book series, Green Kids, Sage Families. Organic and safe choices don't need to be just for the wealthy or just for babies! We continued our happy relationship with Whole Foods Market and many many supportive mom and pop stores. With our babies rapidly growing up (they are now 11, 14 and 17!), we decided we were ready for a new adventure, and in the Fall of 2009 we opened our first free standing Green Babies retail store. We moved our packing and shipping behind a beautiful sunny space in historic destination town Nyack, NY. This town was famous for many good reasons, the great American painter Edward Hopper was born and did many of his most famous paintings here.

Lotion Potions and Tushy Tonics

Coming next? A dream 5 years in the making, Green Babies body care--the safest, cleanest line in the world! No kidding, zero petroleum products, no sulfates (SLS), the BEST all natural botanical scent and a price that beats any other truly natural line out there.

Anyway, thanks for reading our story and welcome to the family. Please know that we would never make, sell or promote anything for your baby that we wouldn't use on our own children. Together we can embrace this beautiful future we're creating today. Our children are our greatest investment and our greatest reward.

We know that the most important baby in the world is the one you're thinking about. We hope you'll join us and consider making them a Green Baby.


Lynda & Hossein Fassa