Our Mission

Green Babies, Inc. is a New York state corporation founded in 1994, to develop, manufacture and market environmentally friendly products and to provide consumers with natural choices that are sustainable, have a minimal environmental footprint and are made with fair wage labor.

Welcome to Planet Earth, Green Babies…

We know that baby is a most welcomed member of the family. And whether her arrival brings your family’s total number to two or six, life with a young child in the house changes everything, so it really helps, to have some help.

We kept this in mind when developing our Green Babies Standards. We want to provide a trusted place where you don’t have to guess if what you’re choosing for baby is safe. We begin with the presupposition that the health, safety and wellbeing of your baby is of the utmost importance. Our philosophy is that natural is better. We believe prudence is the wisest guideline when it comes to babies and children because it can sometimes take years for the effects of questionable chemicals and ingredients to come to light. So, though we welcome meaningful innovation, we also strive to embrace products that are tried and true because our first criteria is proven safety.

In addition to this, we make an effort to consider the big picture of any products that we carry because we also recognize that baby lives in this one world that we all inhabit. Therefore, we want to help you ensure baby’s surroundings are healthy and environmentally sound, in part because of the safe products we offer for him. Every item we bring to market has been reviewed and approved by an advisory panel of parents and caregivers for its usefulness and efficacy. We aspire to think sustainably; Who made the product? Under what conditions? How useful is it? How far did it travel? What will happen to it when I’m done? Any or all of these questions may be applied when we’re considering products to offer for your child.

So that is the overall intention driving the development of our standards. Here’s a look at the standards individually with specific related thoughts on each of them:

Our Standards

All of our baby body care products are formulated from the highest quality natural ingredients to be the purest and gentlest for your baby. We avoid synthetic fragrances, which may contain phthalates, preservatives such as parabens, surfactants such as sodium laureth sulfate, and chemical sunscreens. We also exclude suspected endocrine disruptors, and ingredients produced using nanotechnology.

We developed our body care based on the Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care Standards. Premium Body Care Standards were developed to give trustworthy meaning to the confusing labels on body care and cosmetics. Although the words “natural” and “organic” are comforting, when it comes to body care they are often misused and sometimes actually meaningless. For the time being, manufacturers in the US are able to put just about any claim they like on body care and cosmetics without any federal overview. Even educated consumers have difficulty discerning the truly green from the merely greenwashed. From our perspective, a standard of truly safe body care could never be more important than it is for expectant mothers and young babies. Therefore all of our baby body care products meet or exceed Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care Standards. Amazingly, what you put on your body, you put in your body. Up to 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream. (If in doubt, consider the nicotine patch.) So the previously unregulated synthetic fragrances, high powered preservatives, including parabens, and harsh surfactants in conventional body care can potentially become part of baby’s body burden, a mix of chemicals stored in the body’s tissues and organs. High tech micronization like nanotechnology mean these chemicals can absorb more quickly and deeper into the skin than ever before. We believe that the soaps, lotions and shampoos you chose are a very special part of taking loving care of your child. We want you to feel secure in the products we offer for your baby, so we’ve sifted out the known and suspected chemical offenders and left only the finest ingredients in our baby body care. We take great joy in offering safer solutions to pampering baby’s precious skin. Natural fragrances compliment baby’s already sweet smell for parents and caregivers, and at the same time for baby, encourage a pleasing entryway into the great world of the senses.

All our cotton clothing, accessories, mattresses and bedding are made with certified organic cotton and are free of chemical flame retardants. All closures on clothing and diapers are lead and nickel free.

We’ve made a commitment to organic cotton because it’s an easy way to ensure a cleaner world for all babies to grow up in. Conventionally grown cotton takes a heavy toll on the environment taking up only 3% of the Earth’s farmland, but utilizing up to 25% of the world’s chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In contrast, organic cotton directly contributes to cleaner land and water, because it’s grown without any pesticides, and is rotated with other crops, to keep soil naturally fertile and active. So, by choosing even a tiny baby garment made from organic cotton you are helping expedite the shift to a much more sustainable and just world. We’ve also chosen to avoid the use of powerful chemical flame retardants in our mattresses. In some studies these flame retardants, pentaBDEs (pBDEs), have been shown to have very detrimental effects. In fact, they are even banned in the UK and in the state of California. Because our mattresses are not derived from petroleum, but rather from organic cotton, they fully comply with Consumer Product Safety requirements for anti-flamibility standards without putting your baby in such close contact with pBDEs. We also recognize that many babies are nickel sensitive. In our experience, delicate skin on baby’s legs and bottom are happier without exposure to this metal. In fact, chemical sensitivity to nickel is often a key culprit on diaper rash. Because of this, our snaps and closures on baby garments are nickel (and lead) free.

All toys, baby bottles, feeding utensils and bowls are free of the plastic compound Bisephanol-A (BPA), and phthalates, suspected endocrine disruptors.

Because babies explore the world--including their toys--with their mouths, and spend an inordinate amount of their waking hours eating and drinking, we want to be especially vigilant about just what we offer as a means of transportation of food into their little mouths. All our toys, bottles, sipper cups and eating utensils are free of Bisephanol-A (BPA) and measurable phthalates, suspected endocrine disruptors, that may act as faux estrogens, confusing the body’s subtle hormone levels. As part of our philosophy to choose the safest of all ingredients and products, we will work to avoid these chemicals in the items that baby has daily exposure to. We want baby’s journey into adulthood to be joyful and healthy, and we’ll seek out the safest options possible to ensure this is so.

We carefully choose entertainment options that enrich and empower as well as entertain

Entertainment is a huge and fulfilling part of most of our lives. We believe it should be exciting, enriching and soothing for your baby, too. We feel that baby is already the best, is right where she should be, and can continue to reach her highest potential by strengthening and expanding her connection with the significant adults in her immediate surroundings. Because of this, we seek out entertainment options that engage baby in sensory experiences including songs, games and toys that enrich their developmental stages in life, and that add to the pleasant job of parenting. In our view, childhood is a beautiful journey, to be cherished, revered and shared, and we aim to add to the excitement and joy that baby’s natural discovery brings to all of us.

Any food products we offer are certified organic, which means they are made with 95% or more certified organic ingredients and avoid genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. They are free of artificial preservatives, flavors, colors and hydrogenated oils.

Why organic for your baby? Organic means grown without pesticides. Pesticides are poisons, developed to kill hardy insects. We believe there is no one more worthy of our protection from known toxins than the very young, and we feel because of this, organic is clearly the best choice for baby’s food. Also, with organic, a strict set of principles, from planting through harvesting and transporting food ensures there are no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Because there are no long term studies of the effects of GMOs on the humans that consume them, we opt for the ‘better safe than sorry’ ideology. Organic also ensures there is no Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) in dairy products. Just as with GMOs, there are no long term studies of the effects of consuming rBGH dairy products, so we feel it’s only prudent to avoid them. Finally there are recent studies that suggest a link between artificial preservatives, flavors and colors and some behavioral difficulties, those with symptoms similar to ADD and ADHD. Any food products we offer are free of these unwanted additives. We are committed to organic, wholesome, healthy food choices for babies. We know that babies have a lifetime of joyful, healthful eating ahead of them and we’re happy to offer you choices that can help start them out right.