Green Kids, Sage Families

Green Kids, Sage Families by Lynda FassaAfter the somewhat astonishing (and very gratifying) success of my first book, Green Babies, Sage Moms, people whose babies were born into the information of that book asked for more information...things to cover and protect kids as they grow and go out into the world, our world. So I went to the people who are making the entire planet better for all kids, Green Gurus including Dr. Jane Aronson, Dr. Lisa Ecklund-Flores (who reminds us all that we, as parents are the actual experts) and young visionaries like Erin Schrode, who founded a non-profit when she was 16!

This book covers the wonder years, from romping 2 year olds to sullen teens. I hope you'll find it helpful on this wild, winding awesome journey we call parenthood.

love & happiness (and patience & humor)